Webapplication design


    1. Skills: Task flows/user journeys/ Customer journey mapping, Screen flows, wireframes, rapid prototyping, usability tests
    2. Projects: Online Sales, Online Retention, Self Service, Tradeplatform
    3. Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure

    4. Website: Nuon



    Nuon Energy N.V., part of the European Vattenfall, produces and supplies electricity, energy-related products and services, gas, heat and cold. Nuon strives for a fossil-free energy supply within one generation; clean, reliable and affordable. With 4,200 employees, Nuon serves approximately 2 million private and business customers.


    Sr. User Experience Designer. Working at the departement Market Strategy, communicator between marketeers and developers. What is sceduled and sort out like new ideas on the touchpoints, I should communicate with the development team and the product owner.


    One whole year. Although the time wasn't that long, I found the time to do a little extra, like learning colleques how to prototype, a monthly digital report design for business clients app and an idea on how to store solar energy and re-use the energy to warm your house and water-supply.





    How self service can lower energy costs



    The Projects

    Online service

    To be able to control energy costs, energy business and be able to get things done and getting insights in:

    • My Invoice
    • My Usage
    • Tradeplatform
    • Vacancies

    Online sales

    To be able to get a contract online.

    • Request quotation with calculation
    • Be able to get a contract online

    Online retention

    Keep customers

    • Be able to compile products online

    More conversion

    Website analysis by doing A/B tests for more conversion and visits

    • Funnel design
    • Banners
    • Landingpages
    • A/B tests

    For this showcase I will use one project : Online sales


    Get a consistent user experience in all the BTB applications

    • Small team consisting of product owner, front end developer and UX designer, content manager and webanalist
    • Minimal access to a back-end developer
    • Project from inception to production to meet marketing scheduling
    • Determining how the products fit within the existing information architecture
    • Navigation structure
    • The products we design are often just one aspect of a larger system, every aspect of which needs to be designed.

    My Role

    • Set up a UX strategy and design principles
    • Determine the best way to position products online
    • Explore personas
    • Design UX
    • Facilitate sketching sessions with the wider team
    • Create prototypes for usability testing
    • Produce finalised visual design for development
    Design Decisions

    Mobile and tablet use

    Responsive as the target market was BtB managers and business owners research determined they were likely to be browsing whilst commuting or during lunch breaks.

    Instance offer

    People make decisions by comparison, especially for commodity based products. The application makes it possible to let the customer compile an offer, by choosing the combination of gas and electricity and green energy.

    Price motivators

    Price was a key motivator for purchase for the target market therefore it had be prominent and accessible with minimal customer input.


    Being at Nuon only for one year, time was too short to get things done. But we successfully converted 'new to market' leads into customers and the entire purchase journey could be completed on a mobile device.

    Setting up the fundamentals and digital guidelines

    With focus on the six journeys that drive customer experience in B2B, fundamental principles and digital guidelines were set up. Keeping in mind what Nuon promises their clients.

    Online Service

    To be able to control energy costs, energy business and be able to get things done and getting insights in the following modules:



    • My Invoices
    • My Usage
    • Tradeplatform
    • Vacancy
    • My Contracts
    • My Connections
    Administrators needs
    • look up and copy the invoices
    • report meter readings
    • compare usage
    Managers needs
    • compare usage
    • look up contracts
    • control connections
    • control vacancy



    Online sales

    For clients to be able to buy online. Compile your own products.


    With a Google like sprint we managed to design the onboarding touchpoint. We show the client which steps to take when receiving an alert from Nuon.