Web Design


    1. Skills: Information architecture, Work Flow/Layout/Interaction Design, Visual Design, Web Design
    2. Client: Hausnah
    3. Project:Real estate,
    4. Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure, TYPO3

    5. Website:



    Being our client, who was the first at the beginning, but still very happy client Hausnah sells houses in Germany especially to Dutch clients. The selling procedure of houses in Germany differs from the way they are sold in the Netherlands. That is why the site had to be informative in special ways. For the UX, the user has to be drown into the houses by very good taken photograph's by which you can go through easily. There is also a 3D plugin for looking outside in the neighborhood. Because people have special requests, we build a special request board, Nachfrage.



    I was responsible for leading not only the UX design work, but also the visual design, the character, e-commerce concept design, newsletters and front-end design.


    Because this project started in 2004 and is still being adjusted it is the most complete project. From webdesign, logo and character illustration for branding to user experience, and developed apps.



    Webdesign for

    Listview and navigation
    Detailview product configurator
    Detailview with productconfigurator
    Panorama view
    Request page
    Landing page