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    1. Skills: Information architecture, Work Flow/Layout/Interaction Design, Visual Design, Web Design
    2. Client: Tahu Content
    3. Project: Estans webshop
    4. Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure, TYPO3

    5. Website:

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    It started as a pilot for a webshop. At this very moment takes over this concept. The webshop for wall decals is running in the Netherlands and Germany. Customers can select a wall decal, choose a size, choose a color. They can also see it on the wall in their chosen color, order and pay up front. Delivering days are within 8 days, because the wall decals are handmade. We carry out contextual inquiry, developed persona's, define the red routes, what are the tasks users want to carry out, usability testing.




    I was responsible for leading not only the UX design work, but also the visual design, e-commerce concept design, newsletters and front-end design. We applied a user centred design framework that supports end-to-end usability involvement. We also used personas to share information about customers and their tasks in an engaging and usable way. We developed cheap, throwaway prototypes to get quick and frequent feedback from users.



    It took a few months to build it in TYPO3 and a few months to apply SEO techniques to be visible in Google.




    Webshop design for Estans

    Landing page
    Sign up for newsletter
    Listview and navigation
    Detailview product configurator
    Detailview with productconfigurator
    Pay procedure
    Product color configurator
    Product size configurator
    Back office

    Mobile Apps for Estans

    One app for twitter, facebook, the webshop and wordpress blog