Health app concept
Healthcare Web App


  1. Skills: Information architecture, Work Flow/Layout/Interaction Design, Visual Design, Service Design : Customer Journey Mapping, Ethnography, user studies & personas, Service blueprint
  2. Client: Unit4
  3. Project: UI & Concept Next Gen
  4. Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure Pro



UNIT4 Business Software offers besides financial software solutions specialized market-specific software. For healthcare they needed to make the transition from local software solutions to online providing services. For this project they needed user centered design. I delivered a proof of concept: I visualized the user interface and built the information architecture.

My role

To provide usability and customer experience direction for the Unit4 healthcare white label web application. Set design and usability direction through wireframes and prototypes.

  • Gathered requirements
  • Produced wireframes
  • Focus on competence and education management, Employers Self Service (ESS) and Management Self Service (MSS), and other tools for Human Resource Management (HRM).
  • Create prototypes for usability testing and presentation to clients
  • Conduct usability testing sessions


This Next Gen project took place in 2008 in four months time. As I had to organize the interviews spreaded around the country and different agendas had to be streamlined, the turnaround took longer than the actual design work.

  • Design a new Next Gen Healthcare system
  • Determining how the products fit within an information architecture
  • Navigation structure
  • Design had to be of great usability, no more several logins when starting a days work, so one portal to all different users
Design Decisions


To kickoff the project, I organised interviews with key stakeholders at their locatation to define our goals for the product and our success metrics. I looked for answers on what users may want to achieve and detailed the design process for the project following the Double Diamond methodology. Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver.

User Interviews

User interviews were run with users from various healthcare institutes These interviews focused on understanding the needs and wants of the users and how the applications are used as part of their job. All of the information I collected led me to develop a deep understanding of the users and to gather crucial insights into how an application could improve their daily workflow.


My interview notes were combined into several hundred post-it notes that were then sorted into categories. I quickly identified three primary personas:

  • The HRM user
  • The employee user
  • The manager user

From here, I could then begin to make statements about each persona I identified.

Competitor analysis

It was crucial for me to understand the competitive landscape that I was stepping into. There were already competitors in the industry with their own offerings. In order for UNit4 ESS & MSS to stand out, I needed to understand the competitors and identify areas were we could make a difference.

Beginning conceptual designs

During the initial design stage, there were dozens of different ideas of how the application could behave and what it could look like. These concepts started with simple sketches on paper and focused mainly on user flows. Very little work was done on the visuals in the beginning as the goal was to get the simple behaviours done right before even thinking about how to style the application.

Mapping out different workflows for different parts of the application allowed me to conceptualise rapidly. I would start with one workflow, sketch out a concept, introduce another workflow, test to see if the concept supported that new flow and make adjustments where necessary. 

Over time and a good amount of testing, a first version of a prototype of ESS and MSS was ready. This prototype was made interactive using Axure and ran through more internal testing .This prototype evolved five more times, resulting in prototype six, which was used for the first round of external user testing.

Innovating upon the current suite of desktop applications

Unit4 suite of applications are some of the best and most popular applications in Healthcare. This makes it challenging when attempting to deliver a brand new application that needs to stand along side them. 

I needed to stay true and acknowledge the years of experience the other applications have, but also have the freedom to innovate and push Unit4 healthcare's offer forward.

First round of user testing

A final interactive prototype was created that would be used as part of a series of user tests with real world customers, most of them involved in earlier interviews. These tests revealed that the design decisions I took were leading down the right path where much of the prototype would be brought into the final designs.

Establishing the project

Once the user testing was complete, it was moved to establish the projects. From the start I worked closely with Danny, product manager to begin breaking down the concepts into modules and into features that would ultimately become epics and to set initial priorities based on the outcomes of user testing.

A team was established with highly experienced developers, designers and testers to build the concept

Tools and skills used

Skills: Information architecture, Work Flow, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Service Design : Customer Journey Mapping, Ethnography, user studies & personas, Service blueprint

Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure Pro

Establishing the first standard desktop components

Consistent components were created in an Axure library to ensure the design team were using consistent styles.

Dashboard Employee Self Service
Dashboard Manager Self Service

The time has ended for users with software packages. The time started for SAAS, Software As A Service. I should focus on competence and education management, Employers Self Service (ESS) and Management Self Service (MSS), and other tools for Human Resource Management (HRM).

Screen shots


Unit4 is a leading provider of enterprise applications empowering people in service organizations. With annual revenue north of 500M Euro and more than 4200 employees world-wide, Unit4 delivers ERP, industry-focused and best-in-class applications. Thousands of organizations from sectors including professional services, education, public services, not-for-profit, real estate, wholesale, and financial services benefit from Unit4 solutions. Unit4 is in business for people.

Result of the proof of concept

Very enthusiastic users. Because I worked with Axure -using it for the first time- I could rapidly develop a proof of concept that looked so real that during the presentation the target users actually said: "It feels and looks great, just the way we wanted, when can we have it? Isn't it ready yet ?"


Never thought that this project would have such an impact as it did, I was asked a second time to design the UI in 2012 to be used as a clickable presentation in Axure.