Health app concept
Healthcare Web App


  1. Skills: Information architecture, Work Flow/Layout/Interaction Design, Visual Design, Service Design : Customer Journey Mapping, Ethnography, user studies & personas, Service blueprint
  2. Client: Unit4
  3. Project: UI & Concept Next Gen
  4. Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure Pro



UNIT4 Business Software offers besides financial software solutions specialized market-specific software. For healthcare they needed to make the transition from local software solutions to online providing services. For this project they needed user centered design. I delivered a proof of concept: I visualized the user interface and built the information architecture.

My role

With this project I had to make it clear that I would manage the project because of my work method. I started with interviews I did with different employees of their different clients, with different jobs and tasks. I worked on the concept as well, due to my background working in healthcare and because of my way of working by listening to the users problems.


This Next Gen project took place in 2008 in four months time. As I had to organize the interviews spreaded around the country and different agendas had to be streamlined, the turnaround took longer than the actual design work.

Dashboard ESS & MSS

Dashboard Employee Self Service
Dashboard Manager Self Service

The time has ended for users with software packages. The time started for SAAS, Software As A Service. I should focus on competence and education management, Employers Self Service (ESS) and Management Self Service (MSS), and other tools for Human Resource Management (HRM).

Screen shots














Unit4 is a leading provider of enterprise applications empowering people in service organizations. With annual revenue north of 500M Euro and more than 4200 employees world-wide, Unit4 delivers ERP, industry-focused and best-in-class applications. Thousands of organizations from sectors including professional services, education, public services, not-for-profit, real estate, wholesale, and financial services benefit from Unit4 solutions. Unit4 is in business for people.

Result of the proof of concept

Very enthusiastic users. Because I worked with Axure -using it for the first time- I could rapidly develop a proof of concept that looked so real that during the presentation the target users actually said: "It feels and looks great, just the way we wanted, when can we have it? Isn't it ready yet ?"


Never thought that this project would have such an impact as it did, I was asked a second time to design the UI in 2012 to be used as a clickable presentation in Axure.