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My role

In between projects I helped with designing websites, building a webapplication: a Business Process Management scan, developing with my collegues a new propostion: The disruption squad for digital transformation and making presentation movies for new clients.

Business Process Management scan

Consultants used to have a paper survey with them to analyze the business process. The idea came up during an ideation with consultants to have an application that would calculate in which phase the company is.

New proposition The Disruption Squad

The disruption squad is a team with cross-functional members who can work fast and know the business from the inside.

Continuous improvement & Smart Improvement

Besides attending ideation sessions, helping consultants with the presentation of their propositions I made presentation movies and visuals for clients like Lufthansa, Enexis.


Business Process Management scan

We knew up front that we wanted to make a digital version of the BPM scan. So the insights were there. In an ideation session, we defined and gathered new specifications. Then a flow chart was made. Then I started to make some designs and showed the consultants the mockup online. With their approval, I started to communicate the mockup with a PHP developer so the application could be integrated with a Content Management System. When the coding was ready we spread the URL amongst all consultants who needed the scan and they all did the usertest.

Service Blueprint

Flow chart

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Landingpage wireframe
UX approach
Scan results


BPM scan online

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Question from the scan